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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fact vs. Faith...

Not everything happens according to one's desires. But, there is a magic element that can turn the tide in one's favour. It can create things that might seem to be impossible. There are things that have different perspectives when seen from either side of the coin. Taking the decision to hold on to the specific side of the coin is at the sole discretion of the individual. But, hopping from side to side is what is termed an immature approach. Even if the entire world is staring at the stark reality, there are people who firmly believe in that very gifted element- Faith.

I know how the world looks at me; i know how the world treats me; i know how the world approaches me; i know how the world ignores me; i know how the world eyes me; i know how the world stalks me; i know how the world reads me; i know how the world knows me and so on and so forth. Here, the world i mention is not the entire seven billion population in human heads and nature's head count. The world here is my sphere, my people, my everything. I say i know so much because of the fact that i have been living my life and not roaming in any other body as their soul, leasing my body in return.

I don't get replies; i don't get answers; I don't get to enter circles; I don't get a chance for the pokes; I don't have a source to share knowledge, smiles, worries and what not. I don't get the chance to revel in the population's joy. I don't get near to those dear ones who are in pain. Thus, The fact as i see like everyone else in the world hurts me, disappoints me, frustrates me, angers me, bogs down me, laughs at me, tears down me, weakens me, discriminates me, kicks me, plays with me and so on and so forth. These are elements outside of my purview and i cannot have much control to steer them and set sail towards the greener patches.

Faith, which is well within my purview and well within reach to refuel my mills to churn out the power and energy needed to complete the marathon, empowers me, energises me, illuminates me, crowns me, floats me, steers me, and so on and so forth. By living this faith-full(don't mistake it to be faithful; i mean to mention a life full of faith. *Intended wink* *contented smile* ), i get to create possible avenues out of the word impossible itself. I get to relive, relieve, recreate, rejoice, every moment i wanted/want/will want to be a part of. Faith feeds the hungry even when they are starving while the fact would kill them; Faith promises to deliver more than what the person desires, while fact would possibly even end up denying what they deserve.

Fact vs. Faith it is; Not Fact vs. Fiction. Fact vs. Faith, a way of comparing the way of life on either side of the coin. Today's faith could become tomorrow's fact. With that possibility alive, the hopes of those out-of-the-box thinkers shall sustain & attain steadfast growth. For those who are comfortable living with facts, hats off to you for sustaining the traditional way of life. For those who are pulling along with faith, pull stronger, the path we are paving is for a better future. - rPhoenix