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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ice cream therapy...

During a casual visit to a nearby temple, he met his friend's mom and sister. They greeted him. He greeted back and he was forced to listen to all that had been happening. His friend's mom seemed to be too worried. Typical of how a mom would desire to see his son come up in life and not sink within. She asked him to talk to her son and sort out this issue. He thought. He assured he would do the best he can and warned that any attempt at addressing this issue directly by any of them would only make matters worse for the already disturbed mind.

Days passed by. The violent activities that the guy was into, as mentioned by his friend's mom constantly flashed before his mind. He wanted to do something. No matter how minute or major the help would be, the quality of work was more important here. For the end result to be achieved, something had to be done without delay. Thus, during their weekend meetings, outings and chat sessions, he slowly irritated the guy to find out how tolerant he was and how much damage his mind had taken due to the disappointments his life had given him. He analysed everything. Put together an action plan. Started to implement it slowly and without his friend's knowledge. 

First, they laughed a lot. This was possible by spending more time in cracking silly jokes, recalling funny moments, creating some funny moments and so on. The more they recalled and laughed, the more his friend progressed. There was a considerable improvement in the weeks that passed. Not just one dimension would be sufficient. Thus, the next plan was rolled out. Giving freedom to speech and free thinking was the norm. He always supported what his friend said, no matter even how silly or meaningless it appeared and he argued together supporting him and won arguments. 

Next, the ultimate tried and tested plan was the ice cream therapy. Since he used to have ice creams in huge quantities, say, family packs, when he was feeling low, frustrated, angry or depressed, he prescribed the same to his friend to avoid a rollback to the previous mind setting. This, he did by talking about ice creams every time they met or spoke. He began to tell his friend how delicious the latest flavours were in a particular brand and how he should be trying them out one by one each day or every weekend.

Finally, all the plans had worked. It had been months now. There was no instance of violent behaviour from his friend. All the anger, frustration, stress seemed to have melted along with the ice cream that melted down his throat. Although some speculate that eating too much of ice creams could possibly aggravate the depression, he could not think of a simple yet working solution without involving a psychiatrist, counselling, rehabilitation centre and other aspects his friend's mom was worried about. Today, the unimaginable violent behaviour that was once a common sight, is now far from reality. His friend's mom and sister are a relieved lot and their nightmarish days of getting beaten up, dealing with a beastly attitude and the uncertainty that caused mental agony are all gone for sometime. Hope it is gone forever. Ice creams do wonders; in this case, a healing therapy. *winks*