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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Of arguments and aggression...

People are of many kinds. They are seen with varying temperaments. They are unique. They possess several good and bad traits. They are from varied backgrounds and so on. Alright, the way i am avoiding an in-depth analysis of each of the aforesaid aspects, i am sure, makes you aware that they are of least importance. Like the two sides of a coin, there are two sides for everything. Likewise, what does it take to possess an argumentative stance and what does it take to possess an aggressive stance?

In the midst of a casual banter, i stopped taking part in the discussion and took a neutral stand to find out about the argumentative group and aggressive group and find out who is the cause for the other to get a good or bad name in any given discussion. I did not want to decide based on one discussion and i kept observing during many discussions and in many environments and involving many unique individuals. On analysis, i tried to find out under which category i belong. I tried to take sides and try to be argumentative and at times aggressive. I tried to find out on what circumstances did i choose to argue and on what circumstances did i remain aggressive.

I can see that an aggressive person is trying to boss over the others and thus when there is an ego clash between any two or more people, an argument pops up. In such discussions, the person who is aggressive keeps his stand alike and the argumentative person tries to defend by putting forth varying statements. The aggressive person argues but not all argumentative people come out aggressive. Some lose out without being vociferous. The aggressive, even though not always vociferous, remains aggressive through gestures, body language and behaviour.

If a person comes to me and drags me into an argument, i have seen that i don't take an aggressive stance always. I argue. Many complain that i argue always. I would want to simply raise that tall finger and let them know that it is because of their aggressive stance that i keep arguing. In situations where i am aggressively arguing, i would want them to know that anymore of their insane opinions will only do bad for them and not a tiny bit of damage to me because my ego is already supreme and that is why it is aggressively arguing.

Does that leave me in a higher position always? No. Not always do i remain argumentative and aggressive. Sometimes, i go on the defense. When a person is defensive, it means they are not risking themselves into anything. It only means, they are advising you on something you should be careful about and if carelessly handled, it could wreak havoc to them. I have been defensive. Yet, i fall under argumentative category in doing that.

Late into the night, i thought of this topic. I wanted to slap few people before going to sleep for complaining against me and calling me argumentative, aggressive and so on without even knowing where they stand and what kind of propulsion they are providing by provoking me all the time. Of arguments and aggression always teaches me that Attitude is God! - rPhoenix