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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The eternal love...

In life, there cannot be a specific pattern for events to happen. Depending on the energy fields that pass through the body and the impact it can have in the mind and resulting behavioural changes determine the sequence of such events. In the least expected of all probabilities, here is how eternal love was defined by the energy fields in the lives of an energetic couple.

He had so much hope that she would accept him as her better half. She was so playful in nature and it was not the right age for her to make such crucial decisions. He did not force her. She was, in the meantime learning the nuances of life and had many more miles before reaching the right moment. He was so fond of proposing his love to her and that happened almost every time they met or spoke. She was getting tired of it. He was trying to get better with every attempt. Each had their own likes and dislikes. Yet, whatever maybe the situation, there was a strong energy field that held them together. It was a planetary transit coming up. There was a transfer of energy fields everywhere and predominantly in their stars. Thus, they somehow were made to distance each other.

The transition was for more than a year and a little less than a couple of years. The energy fields that had altered the relationship was seen to be fading. The knowledge about these energy fields was almost zero in both the minds. They named it fate, destiny and so on and had been pulling along with the passing days. Since the next transition was due in few months, both of them had instances of nostalgia catching up from nowhere. The wavelengths started to match once again. The thoughts began to inter-twine with each other's. The prevailing energy field had started to fade with the next planetary transition fast approaching.

This time, they met after a long time. It was actually as a result of the return of the bonding energy that had once kept them together come what may. Now, she had come through the phase and he had been waiting for her to return. It happened. She returned. He saw her. Both had decided to catch up with their typical casual evening walk. As they walked, they could see each other as the same and the break in between did not even seem to exist.

A shift in the energy fields or the entry of a negative energy field into their lives saw them fall apart. With the revival of the bond, they have come together. While she was recalling the empty days, she slowly began to break down and complained of how his actions had made her to shed tears and live with so much fear. He began to explain as to how he tried and tried endlessly to keep the relationship afloat, yet, there was nothing that went according to his plans. They discussed. They argued. They fought. But, at the end of the walk, all these negativity had vanished. They had nothing against each other. All that they had was the good old feel of togetherness. This time, as they were planning to get back home after the walk, she turned towards him and said, "I Love You" even before he could come up with his usual attempt at proposing his love to her. 

He fell back few steps from where he was standing. He moved forward. He came closer to her. She thought he would kiss her. He moved past to her ears and whispered, "I Love you too". She pushed him away. "I was expecting one of your crazy attempts, but you come up with just a plain I Love You?", she retorted. He moved forward again. He suddenly gave her the most secure hug and held her so tight and screamed,  "I Love You Idiot!!!". Once he let her loose, he began to get out of her reach to avoid getting beaten up and kicked. She continued her frantic attempts to assault him. Moments later, she stood still and a tear rolled down her cheeks. He understood what was going on in her mind at that moment. He moved well within her reach and took her hand and placed it near his heart and said, "Our love is eternal. Fear not, i am always there for you. I Love You! Be my queen!". She broke into a laughter on seeing his gestures. He joined her as well.

And,......? And, What else? They lived happily ever after! *winks* That sounds more like a fairy tale. To put it my way, it is Together forever! - rPhoenix