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Saturday, 26 January 2013

When desires drive...

There is a need to do it. But, there is no way it can be done when desired. There is a craving for something. But, there is no way for it to be attained at the moment. There is a never-ending quest that is calling. But, it can happen only when the time comes. There are many desires in the heart. The mind takes time to understand that it will materialise only when the time comes. In this battle between the heart and the mind, can the body and the soul take all the battering? Not necessarily. When there is a will, there is a way. Isn't it?

Everything begins as a thought in the mind. Be it yours or mine. If events happen only when the time comes, why are these desires popping up so early? If a desire is to pop up in your/my mind, isn't it also an event that has happened when the time has come? Doesn't it mean that even this desire is destined to occur? What happens in the mind, heart, body and soul when a desire has popped up but the time for it to materialise has not yet arrived?

Desires have the power to propel us forward or backward, depending upon your standpoint in life at that juncture. Desires have the power to live through patches, moments and eventually wade through all obstacles until the time arrives. Desires. Why are they existing? To drive us? To steer us? Be it whatever, but, they never let you down, until you stop mistaking a dream and a desire. If you dream of something and mistake it to be your desire, refrain from blaming the word 'desire'. Instead, take a tour and explore the words and familiarise yourself with what they actually mean.

These desires want us to crave, starve, strive and ultimately derive the priceless joy emanating out of that very special moment of achievement. If a person wants to attain a girl  in his life, if a person wants to simply stay afloat free from all problems, if a person wants to sleep on a bed of roses, if a person wants to..... Be it whatever he/she wants, if it is a desire, it is the driving force and it will realise when the time comes. You maybe a path maker or just a follower, but, once a desire pops up, it lays down its own path and drives you towards attaining it, be it  with or without your knowledge. The opportunities it creates towards attaining the milestone, if you keep your eyes wide open, are innumerable.

When you begin to see what you desire in anything and everything, then you begin to create avenues of attaining it in almost every possible way. It becomes your way of life. If you have a multitude of desires, the paths that criss-cross elongate your journey towards the winning moment. Sometimes, you need not create such avenues or look forward for things to materialise. They simply happen. They will continue to happen irrespective of whether you want it to happen or not. Simply put, a desire is an early warning system for us to know about the rough patches, starvation, struggle and ultimately the winning moment.

I desired to write extensively. And, it materialised when it was the right time. I do have readers(minus stalkers and shadows). I don't exactly know if these words are a pain for them. But, all i know for now is they do read my content. To end this note, i say,
Life may or may not be all that good when desires drive, but, when the winning moment comes, life just can't get any better. - rPhoenix