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I believe! So, i do; I hope! So, i live...
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Feed people with Attitude and seek pleasure when they attain altitude...
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I have let my dream to take me too far, that i choose to remain there forever...
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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The song...

There have been songs that i have liked even before completing the first playback. There have been songs that have never become my favourite even if the entire world has developed a craze towards it. There have been songs that have been in the favourites and later gotten kicked out and songs that have slowly attained a lifetime addiction status. Yet, this song, i once hated so much or was not attracted or just had not spent time so ardently has now become such a gripping adddiction getting an infinite loop in my jukebox. So, what's the big deal? 

When i come across music of varying sorts, i have varying impressions and i guess that is pretty much human. But, with this song that i am writing about, i am intertwining the concept of energy fields and this song. Dating back almost a decade ago, i came across this song as a new release. It did not impress me. I was least interested although people at home and around used to stay tuned to this track. Given that everything is ruled by 'chi' or in a layman's term- energy, i feel love, hatred or whatever emotion, is decided by the amount of this energy that is associated with the respective aspects. 

A song, you may dismiss it as a very minute or tiny or negligible aspect. Yet, do you even remember "tiny drops make a mighty ocean" concept? So, how many drops have you ignored to have gotten yourself into a mess in your life thus far? What if these drops were respected and accounted for so that your life was much better than your so-called best of sorts? What if energy had played the deciding role in your decisions? What if i have suddenly gotten a missing energy that is drawing me so close to this song? So, what other aspects or elements or people are associated with this energy? What if she is associated to this energy field? What if she is coming closer or what if am being drawn closer to her? What if this energy has potential to kick those bugs off track in my path? 

This energy, that was earlier absent, now available, has had the potential to attract me towards an object of hatred and converting it to a lovable or addictive aspect for the time being. Similarly, what if the energy that she is lacking may find its way back anytime and who wouldn't awe if she is coming back? Isn't there a wave of hope from this song's energy? Isn't it worth for people to think alike about energy fields? If a song, the so-called trivial aspect can be a spark for such an enlightening spark, does it make us still wonder what a lovable person can do? The vast energy she has deposited in me will take me to her, irrespective of the amount of opposing forces. 

The energy fields that keep varying in us determine the behaviour, quality of life, relationships and what not for a person in his/her life. In that way, i would wait for her to get back the common energy field that bonded us. I seem to have not lost it. Maybe i lost it and have found it. Maybe she has exhausted all of it. Maybe it will replenish and she will ooze out again. Maybe time will answer. Right now, i guess i have to sign out and sit behind the damned desk that has prevented me from marking my presence at the altar for quite sometime now. Will be back with more. *winks*