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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Perfection! There is no humanly definition for the term, yet we talk about it in every sphere of life. What is the reason behind things not being perfect in this world and yet the presence of the term in this very world? Is this a linking term for something that is beyond this world? Is this a term carried over from a previous world where we were even less perfect to what we are now? Could this answer the question for our very existence in this world? What about after-life? Believe in it? Go on reading and see if my point of view makes any sense to you.

"Practice makes a man perfect!", is just a saying. But, what happens in reality? Over a period of time, as the human life and any other life form ages, it learns from the mistakes, struggles, obstacles and so on and tries to become a degree better than its previous standpoint. What is the point of this? In the end, when man or life forms attain the stage of wisdom, there is no life to continue here or there is no time left to live in this planet any further. So, does it mean that planet earth is just a place to practice something and once attaining the saturation point, the creator is shifting the life form to another place for the next phase of attaining perfection.

There is this concept of seven lives for a person in mythology. Is life on earth just one among them? The concept of "Janma" can hold good if perfection is what is our purpose of existence, not just here, but in any other place or planet. We call god as the perfect being. So, are we all gods in the making? Is our creator, the god, trying to manufacture many more of his kind by sending us through this assembly-line kind of a process? Is our life on earth just an experience to gain and move on to the next planet and practice something else to perfection? Could perfection be the ultimate answer for our very existence? 

Sit back and see if you can think of any other purpose? I mean, on a meta level. Don't sit back and think of the next meal that you are desiring to have and say, that is your purpose. If you are one of that kind, kindly get yourself out of this place. Let's do some serious thinking here. If life is towards perfection and if nothing is still perfect on planet earth which we call our home, then our lives are far beyond than what we think it is. The long pending question for explaining our existence on earth could very well be answered if this word "Perfection" and the process of attaining perfection can be bridged with our previous, present and future worlds. 

People die. Not uniformly. They die at any age, any time, but, why is it that they don't have a common expiry date? Say, if a 1990 born may find his/her fate as early as 2000 or just minutes after birth and another 1990 born lives till 2089, Does that mean the former has been promoted to the next level of attaining perfection or in other words, becoming god? And, the latter needed more time to fine-tune or is a higher version of 'god in the making'? Is this the strategy of the creator to make that life form skip this step? How many variants of god are out there? Are we just being manufactured like automobiles that come out of the factory with several variants? Say, life form X needs just 'n' number of years on earth and life form Y needs 'n+1' years on earth and X and Y are the variants that god is manufacturing for his world. 

Well, it is time to let the cat out of the bag. Now, all these are human thinking. Aren't they? Earthly concepts like assembly-line, cars, manufacturing and so on. But, the evasive link for our purpose of life could just be one simple step when the moment of truth arrives. Till then, it is time for thoughts, questions, posts, essays, discussions, arguments and what not about the purpose of life on planet earth. Perfection, ah! Could it be just another term that humans could not or forgot to define and as time passed by, did someone blow it to such proportions that it has become a term that is godly? Who knows, at least until the moment of truth arrives?! *winks* - rPhoenix