Belief hope

I believe! So, i do; I hope! So, i live...
- rPhoenix

Feed Attitude

Feed people with Attitude and seek pleasure when they attain altitude...
- rPhoenix

Dream quote

I have let my dream to take me too far, that i choose to remain there forever...
- rPhoenix

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Scarring lives all along, there were several names he was better known for. Scaring people everywhere, his presence was better not known of. Absence is inevitable. Not so soon. Not until he sees the dawn. Flying high are the angels; soaring high were his fears. Angels swoop down once in a while, scooping whatever is left in him. Later, the angels would remain, "up above the sky so high, like a diamond in the sky". But, what of him? What would be left of him if the days are to get complex with the years to come?!

He knew he would catch hold of this evasive angel. Deep inside, he already knew it was all over. Yet, he kept dreaming and scribbling and visualising things to remain intact. To leave it and move was like usual. To stay back and keep thinking was stagnating. While it was the stage of complete silence, another angel scooped down. It was a long known angel. Very well known was its actions behind the screens. A safe haven in deed, this angel was always in reach but not in sight. Unlike fiction, this time it appeared like it would happen.

The day arrived; the trading began. The momentary delight to know of being loved, the serene feel of being accepted, the never ending rain on a busy evening, complete silence from all those critics from within, the feeling of oneness from that night's darkness, the healing touch in the heart's core, and all of it happened. Hope was revived from the dusty shelves- shelves that were getting buried in the money game. Kicking up all the dust, it took quite sometime to look clear to steer. Just as the ship was about to steer ahead, a large chunk of what was left in him was scooped further and the storm was about to cross anytime.

The lightning, the thunder, the tides, the water making the ship awry, with the very doubt of making it to the shore, he had no choice but to forget the storm and remain engrossed with the angels. That ever-evasive angel, a long lost possession and keeping up the well-written fiction was about to be forgotten. While, this well known angel, seeming to come down to invite him to the heavens, with the scooping, began to give him the shivers. Trembling in fear, he continued to keep track. With the possibility of heavy showers, he moved indoors and sat at the altar. There was no guilt. There was a voice from within reciting the sinful life thus far in verses. He knelt, prayed and felt blessed. 

He abandoned the ship. Thinking he would reach land, he began to put in a last stand to set sail in the turbulent waters. Although he could see a better morning on reaching land, it was a risk that would cost the angel all its efforts to keep track of him. He decided to make it. All of a sudden, while he was in prayer, the angel seemed to lose control and remain  steady in hovering and guiding him through. The ship had almost sunk by now, the storm was almost clearing, his boat was left stranded, the angel seemed unsure of directions and had to get back to the skies. He sat back dejected, not sure of what destiny had in store for him for the days to come. It was not new for him when compared to the voyages on the vast seas till date.

It was just a degree higher than impossible for him to come in terms with the fact that he would be orphaned forever, if the angel failed to get back and rescue him. Orphaned in the high seas, on a boat that would not withstand the salinity, the upcoming storms, the limited survival kit at his disposal, the scorching sun and the bone-chilling frost taking turns equally, his everything was at stake unless the angel swoops down and takes him to a safe haven in the seventh heaven. Until then, he would keep looking at the clock tick. -rPhoenix