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I believe! So, i do; I hope! So, i live...
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Friday, 20 September 2013

The game plan...

Am i about to write about any earthly game plan? No. My game? No. It is a game where i was a mere particle, if that could be the right word. The gamers were from a different league. Well, What is the game all about? If i could summarise it all in just a couple of statments, i would be including the conclusion even before i am done with the introduction. So, as this post is flowing through, you will get to know what the game is all about. So, Shall i S...u? *winks* It is the teeth showing day. So, a big Grin... *Grins*

Well, It all began exactly a week ago. A morning run on the highway to catch a glimpse of the guardian angel, who does a beautiful sleep walk even after dawn. *LOL* I reached. We walked. Not a great start as it used to be. So many questions, so many doubts, so many frowns and some quick witted replies. Yet, the decisions were neatly placed and i stood firm like a bau5. The talk ended. That is what i thought. In the process of strapping my safety gear for the return run, i wanted to catch a glimpse of her. A quick glance and as if planned, she turned, a smile already lighting up, pronounced her decision and even before my ears could send the signals to my noodle to process the information, she turned and was walking away.

In a quick overload at the noodle, i found my helmet stuck or maybe my motor nerves monitoring my hands fell quiet, trying to cope with the overload at the noodle headquarters. *Winks* She turned. By now i had it all processed in my mind. And, it kept echoing inside and was like Harry Potter's Lumos spell or Orbit White's smile to wade of all the prevailing darkness in the noodle storehouse. Not to show that i was struggling to fit the helmet, i managed to put ma hands on the top of the helmet and forced it in. It fell in place. I was back home probably after reaching the upper layers of the atmosphere during the return run.

It was the early hours the next day. I was making my preparations to start to the heaven on earth- Tirumala temple. During those 35 visits, it was always a dream to travel to his altar by bike. It was about to happen. But, would it happen? Was it his decision or just a prank? I hit the highway and as the sun was about to wake up, i was there at Tiruchanoor. A VIP darshan awaited. I was so happy that i felt the Goddess had put on some weight and her face looked so chubby and was so delighted at the sight. My hill climb began. Every mile i made towards the hill top, there was a great sense of joy that made me forget the 35 climbs with that sad puppy face. 

We were lucky enough to reach his altar in less than a couple of hours. As i was about to see him, an argument broke out with those walking just few feet from me. The line came to a halt. No one moved. I never gave a thought for what was happening. Few feet further from them was his altar. I kept looking at him. I had questions, he gave answers. I had doubts, he gave confidence. I had smiles, he appeared like a mirror. I had fears, he gave strength. I had forgotten the outer world, he was so kind to not remind of it neither. 

I reached home. The weekend passed. The next day at office- a boring day as ususal staring at the machines. The news was delivered. Few days of gloom, threatening visuals and worst of all- the "disturbance" drama. I wanted time to answer. It did! *Grins*

Aw, it was all planned in his game. She pronounced, the gods blessed, weekend passed, news arrived, am relieved, a call completed and one more scheduled; and what had been delaying till now is about to happen. A better tomorrow, to stay together, to strive as a white collar, to sit in front and talk to dad; it was all planned in his game. Now, i realise it was not worth so much of words spent on a document that night and few offlines. Now, i can relive his strategies from a better perspective. Thank god, nothing was 'thrown back'. Am glad the endurance levels have got a +1 for both. A great learning through his game plan- and i am engraving it here after deciphering it neat and clear, just in case there is a need. The Game plan of just a week... Q Li B.....! \(^_^)/