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Monday, 25 November 2013

The Reason...

The Reason? Seriously? Is this worth to be the title of this post? Oh, yes! It is. Although it might seem too wide to set your vision on what is to be reasoned and why, The Reason here is about why certain things triumph over the rest. The entire post is to be on a single comparison but you will be at your liberty to make your own comparisons. So, The Reason?! Let us see what  it is.

Did i mention about triumph? Like, why certain things triumph over the rest? Yes. We come across competition and finally get to see the winner. Not only in races, contests, and whatever. But, also in every aspect of life that goes by the concept of "two sides of a coin". Exceptions, i am not bothered about to get too much in detail. Well, Competing factors, the competitors, can be anyone or anything. Say, opinions in the mind about something, options in something that we want to buy, people in life who form our ultimate inner circle, almost anything and everything for that matter. You can create your own criteria and evaluate.

So, here i would like to throw some bright light on how the evil triumphs over the good. Oh! You gave a weird look at that statement and wonder why it should not have been good winning over the evil? No. Although it is the norm towards normal story-telling or movie-making or writing, what happens most commonly amongst the ignorant masses initially is the evil that triumphs over the good. The end result of every godly game is, good winning over the evil. But, this is about how the ignorant masses let evil take draw first blood.

So, how does that happen? Ever pondered over this? If you did, well and good. You don't belong to the ignorant masses anymore for that subject matter where you let evil win over and later fought your way to dethrone it and crown the good. Infestation, infection, parasites, blood-suckers or whatever you might call them, have this tendency to lure people/plants/ anything and everything they want to conquer. And, the victims seldom make note of this tendency and they fall prey. That is why they are 'victims'. Aren't they? 

The reason why someone or something is victimised is because of the tendency to overlook things and fall into the trap. Mastery in anything is hard to predict until a real master is nearby to evaluate or compete with. Ignorance is very easy to predict. Ask yourself a few questions about it and if you are running for answers, you are ignorant. And, if you are not even able to frame those questions? Well, they call it IGNORANCE. *Grins* And, the reason why ignorant masses are the victims is because of overlooking the key elements that shortens the distance to dooms day. 
To prevent yourself from falling prey, make sure to find out if you are ignorant or well-read about the avenue you are about to explore. This basic step can enlighten you about your knowledge in the same. If you find yourself ignorant, there is no need to panic or feel inferior. Be glad that you made a discovery of your ignorance and take the stride towards acquainting yourself with the field. Make it your turf. Step into it and you will find it to be a cake-walk. Well, if you fail to do this basic step, the evil draws first blood making you say "Failure is the stepping stone for Success" after hours of counselling by elders and other similar victims. *Winks*

You save time spent on being someone's prey. You save your energy. You save yourself from pain. You make sure it is always a gain. You make it right in the first shot. And, most of all, you have a chance to know The Reason for your ignorance and The Reason for your success in the first shot. -rPhoenix