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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Review...

New products, new services, new features, so many new things out in the modern day world. People buy and the purchasing never stops. Change is happening faster than expected. The inevitable change is so rapid that the dynamic market is spinning faster than a dynamo with the stores spewing out products in a blinding pace that the buyers are always spoilt for choice. But, are the products reaching the masses equally or is it only reaching the haves and if so, what is left for the have-nots?

Every product is tried, tested and reviewed. With the spread of the communication mediums far and wide irrespective of the haves or have-nots, there is one good thing that emerged out of the extensive hands-on reviews, ride reports, ownership reviews and not to forget video reviews and comparison tests. The have-nots are often the ones who possess the right knowledge for the products while it is the haves who end up owning the products or enjoying the services. 

The reviews provide a clear, in-depth understanding of the product resulting in providing crucial information to the readers or viewers who can better understand and take a decision on whether to buy or wait till the next update or product hits the shelves. Well, this is a typical attitude of a well-informed buyer. And, this is mostly in the case of the have nots who cannot shell out money like how the haves do. Every single penny counts and equally the just expectation for sheer value for money matters to the person. In the case of the haves, money is not a matter of concern and they just buy products 'for the sake' of it and are not a matter of my concern neither. 

Well, the reviews on the other hand help yet another category of people who are passionate about acquiring knowledge about the products. It practically would not be possible for even the richest person to buy each and every category of product released into the market but, it is very much possible to acquire knowledge about these products. You ask a reason? Well, it might just be for the passion of knowing about products. As simple as that.

The amount of time i would have spent in reading and viewing reviews made me come up with this post. I cannot afford more than few if it is through my entire life time if i have to own products. Hence, i decided to come up with a huge knowledge base by going through reviews. As time passed by, i started realising how it has also helped me to assume or live in my own world with those products. Say, nowadays, soon after going through a review, i can just close my eyes and live through the experience as if it was in my own hands. This helps me take right decisions at time when the stores are flooding the buyer's mind with numerous offers and packages that seem to often lure the buyer into drilling a hole in their wallets.

As for my readers, irrespective of you being the haves or have nots, i would suggest you to go through reviews, read extensively, and also consider the words from those who have already had a hand-on experience of the product and then decide if you should really be spending on it or saving it for the next better edition. So, the moment you view a new product, review it. Cheers! -rPhoenix