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Friday, 10 January 2014

Breathe... for the moment...

Before we start with this, kindly, can the readers please take a deep breathe? Doing that, am sure many would realise that your lungs can accomodate more air than what you normally take in a routine breathing cycle. The fresh air that goes in is what we need. And, push all the used air out with all your might. Am glad, all of you have already served the purpose of this post. *winks* What else? If you are so concerned, read on.

Problems. Well, Uhm, They are everywhere. Every person has their own share of them. Some are so blessed to have a lion's share of it. Well, I am not certainly crazy to say that. Yes, coming across more problems makes you face a varied cluster of scenarios wherein along with the number of problems, you are equally blessed with more benefits as well. The negative aspect being the problem but the positive outcomes of facing them are experience, knowledge, wisdom, a better persona and so on. So, why fear the problem? Just say, "Bring it on!" and add the positives to your database.

While many of you took a deep breath, not all of you have the same lung capacity. Few might fall short- the person with less physical activity. While few may have had a balloon's worth of air intake- the person with more physical activity. Likewise, in life, when we see people, some are wise, some are outright dumb and some are equally balanced. But, who is valued the most? The wise, of course. Don't tell me you want a dumb numbskull putting your rear on the line often and you enjoy it. *Grins*

Thus, the more the problems, the more we emerge out of it with a "Like a Bau5" attitude, the more the wisdom and less dumb we tend to become. Hence, the more value proposition to our persona. "We do not live for wisdom!", i hear a dumb mind voice screaming out there. Well, close this tab and get along with your dumb and rusty life. If i have to argue, i can say, "I do not live to be dumb and numb with my noodle neither"

Any day, expect problems. It is well known that expectations hurt. Going by the previous statements, we can see that expecting something does hurt. Why is that so? Because, it may not happen. Thus, expect problems. it may not happen. You gaping as to why this sounds similar to negative thinking? Well, they call it "Reverse Postitive-thinking".

Walking into a tunnel, with less oxygen to breathe, we don't just stop breathing. We try to increase our air intake and compensate. Also, There's light at the end of every tunnel. Similary, There is a solution if it is a problem. Coming across varied problems, happiness may be short in supply. That does not mean we should stop looking for happiness. Live in even the smallest of your joys irrespective of the biggest of problems you maybe amidst. Breathe- for the moment. To the fullest, even in the dullest moments of life. Just like oxygen to purify your blood, your wisdom will clarify your doubts and fears. Like a Bau5! -rPhoenix