Belief hope

I believe! So, i do; I hope! So, i live...
- rPhoenix

Feed Attitude

Feed people with Attitude and seek pleasure when they attain altitude...
- rPhoenix

Dream quote

I have let my dream to take me too far, that i choose to remain there forever...
- rPhoenix

Friday, 20 March 2015


Troubled, mangled, tangled, garbled and so many _____'ed situations i have come across in my Life. Negative or positive, i have had my equal share. But, almost nearing a decade, i have been noticing this term that has redefined, rejuvenated, recreated and making me want to relive those relieving moments. So, what is that ____'ed? It is the feel of being Bubbled. Yes, i have been Bubbled. Yes, i am Bubbled and I Love this feel.

Generosity, a quality rarely found in the modern world, yet, found in anything and everything Bubbles offers me. She came along, wrapped me around, tossed me within, chiseled here and there, nailed at few things, in all, overhauled me entirely by hauling my soul as if she was pulling Mt. Everest without any rest. Bubbled, yes i am.

Bubbled, yes i am, safe and secure inside, encapsulated inside a Li'l girl with a spacious and gracious heart. What words cannot, actions can. What actions cannot, experience can. What experience cannot, words can. She asked me to "Walk with my words", i did, doors opened, what my words could not, her actions did. What her actions could not, my experience did, what my experience could not, her words did. 

Go beyond praising, yet one cannot put her actions' worth in words; go beyond understanding, one cannot get her actions comprehended until she reveals; go beyond writing a life full of narration, one cannot capture her smile's limits; go beyond digging the buried treasures of any place in this universe, one cannot equate the worth of my treasure; go beyond whatever, i don't care; Bubbled, yes i am.

Bubbled, yes i am, the healing therapy she provides, through the endless words that flow right from what was once a drop of blood in her bloodstream, to being processed as a thought in her intellect and till it reaches my intellect, in turn to be converted as medicine in my bloodstream- she healed. 

"...Blessed with a baby girl, am bolstered in her Bubbly world;
Pranks are aplenty, joy tanks never empty;
Mischievous she runs around, with innocence i sing along;
A heart full of love, that's fruitful enough;
To keep her afloat, and launch her above;
To play with those clouds, until she has dozed;
Closing her eyes for slumber, with fond memories to remember..."

Bubbled,  I am... -rPhoenix