Belief hope

I believe! So, i do; I hope! So, i live...
- rPhoenix

Feed Attitude

Feed people with Attitude and seek pleasure when they attain altitude...
- rPhoenix

Dream quote

I have let my dream to take me too far, that i choose to remain there forever...
- rPhoenix

Friday, 27 November 2015

The Prairie song...

The heart knows nothing but to murmur; the brain needs nothing but a favour.
In the absence of the essence, comes the presence of this instance.
In every breath there is a heavy flow, a flow of emotions into the mind; fleecing the soul with words.
Fleeing this state is termed bliss, flowing with this current is towards the cliffs.
Set in that mindset, sunsets are more desired, sunny days are just a curse. 
To charge it all with a smile will make them fear, letting a fresh bloom spread its fragrance- the fragrance for Life.

Lacklustre shaping up with all its might, yet will be put down after a fight.
To walk farther could mean gaining pace, yet without space. 
To languish is not in our language, why lay thyself into gloom? 
To be lavish would be our fervour, why cast thyself into a measly manner? 
The words' wit is taking a hit, and there's a need to walk right now. 
The altar needs to be fit, and there's this talk right now. 

Of the proud moments flashing by, the eyes show a glimpse of rain. 
By the sweat of one's brow, this land once saw the plough.
Of the slog sealing the lag, will a blog heal or gag?
To be trapped in this warp would only fasten the strap; just get past this lap and write off the lapse.
Of what has just begun is not here to liven; Of what is our mission will always make us glisten.

Merry-making is on the cards, there's no need for any more guards.
The scurry along the paths will let you relive the laughs.
Repel from the lost and propel into the stars; Inevitable is the launch, if your beliefs are staunch.
Be the long-living prairie song, for, you are the legion growing strong.