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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Down the drain...

Every individual is unique. Yet, they fall under any of the four major categories. If i have to list it right away like a routine theory class, we would all be inside a virtual classroom atmosphere. Who needs theory anyway? *Yuck* People, their major categories and the drain? What is this all about? Humans are nasty and they deserve this for sure.

The storm water drain as we all would have seen it, is either dry or stagnant with dirty water or flushing the recent rain's bounty out of our lanes. It also carries filth, garbage and what not when it is in either of the above mentioned states. So, We have four major categories here. Dry, Stagnant, Flowing and the filth. People, also are of four types. So, this is it.

The drain which is dry or the drain itself is one type here which is a facilitator no matter what the circumstance maybe. The drain remains. The drain houses in spite of abuse, hurt, or whatever harm comes its way. A dry drain is a person who is awaiting to facilitate anyone at anytime. Without such people to carry, there would be many who wouldn't reach their destinations. In fact, without such people, there is no order in the society. This type of people are the least recognised, the most abused, the most hurt, make the best sacrifices and yet, the ones who have the most pretty smiles.

The drain which is stagnant or clogged or blocked is the type where such people are stagnant and also keep those who entered it (in the hopes of being facilitated) to become stagnant and stink together burdening the drain and ultimately giving a bad name to the 'drain' rather than the causes that kept it clogged or stagnant. This is the most pathetic of all types of people and here, we have a combo that would rot any other person who accidentally falls in.

The drain that is filled with recent rain's bounty that is being flushed out is again a combo of the drain and the opportunist type of people who 'use' the drain to propel them towards a channeled path, thereby brutally damaging the drain and unmindful of the havoc caused in their paths. All that matters is they need to pass through. Here, we have the opportunists, who are more bothered about their priorities than people.

The fourth type is the filth. As the name suggests, filth, they are. In people terms, they are the ones who reside upon the drain(stagnant or dry or flowing), the flowing water(opportunists) and also the stagnant dirty water. I hereby present you the 'parasites', the most dangerous of all people who are the majority in this world, lurking everywhere with hidden intentions but a nice fake smile victimising innocent and ignorant minds; Oh, i know many parasites. *Frowns*

Well, i have kept it short and simple and to the point that i wanted to convey. People like the drain need to be carefully looked for and treasured. The stagnant dirty water needs to be cleared off the drain. The flowing water's speed needs to be controlled to avoid damage to the drain. The filth has to be collected and burnt alive. In the end, it is all down the drain. Isn't it? -rPhoenix...